A little bit about me

I am a professional pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays. In 2018, I accomplished my baseball dream: winning the Cy Young Award as the best pitcher in baseball. Moments after I won, I celebrated with my fam, and then with my other fam, my Twitch fam.

See, outside of baseball, video games & streaming is my passion. And it's not just because I like video games. Ok, love video games… But a big reason, is YOU the fans. It's my way to communicate with my fans – both from baseball and from the gaming world.

That’s what this site is about. To connect with my fans in yet another way. The fans have been asking for some merch, and it was time to deliver! Ill be updating the site with merch all throughout the year, content from the baseball & gaming world, and all sorts of updates from the Zilla world.

I hope y’all enjoy my site, check out the stream & stay connected with more to come!

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